The breakout works of a master storyteller

The Gentleman’s Choice

Caught in a whirlwind of adverse publicity following a viewer’s death, the streaming show, The Gentleman’s Choice becomes the target for a sadistic killer – and it’s up to PI Vanessa Young to put a stop to it before more young women are murdered.

A sleazy internet dating show blamed for a viewer’s death, a host with a dark, secret past, and a killer with a sadistic grudge…
Someone is kidnapping and murdering previous contestants from the popular streaming show The Gentleman’s Choice – a strictly-for-adults hybrid of The Bachelor and Love Island. Private Investigator, Vanessa Young, is hired by a victim’s family to infiltrate the show as a contestant to expose and capture the killer.
Vanessa and Cole Gianni, the show’s charismatic star, begin to fall romantically for each other, until Vanessa’s plan goes terribly awry when they’re drugged and taken to a remote location to take part in their captor’s own brutal, ultimately fatal, version of The Gentleman’s Choice.
With the clock ticking toward their fateful final night, Vanessa and Cole are forced into a battle of wills to survive their tormentor and escape with their lives before it’s too late…

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Dark Beauty

Tessa and Kristin Morgan are identical twins, exquisitely beautiful, and have the world at their perfectly pedicured feet; they are also profoundly different beneath their stunning facades.

Tessa is the laser-focused academic with her eyes firmly fixed upon a career in neurology, while Kristin exploits her striking looks and undeniable power over men to carve out a single-minded path to fame and fortune as a model and actress; an ambition she also holds for her sister.

But, on the night of the pair’s debut as top-tier models, and with a high-profile movie role in the bag, tragedy strikes the twins in the form of a cruel acid attack by an unknown assailant. Thus, a gruesome chain of events begins – one that leaves a trail of blood, death, and devastation behind both Tessa and Kristin.

As Tessa fights to rebuild her life and uncover the truth behind the attack, she finds herself getting closer and closer to an uncomfortable truth about her sister and her search for the truth turns into a nightmare struggle to stay alive.

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Goodbye Stranger

“As with American Psycho, Blake Rudman’s Goodbye Stranger has a wealthy, successful man whose wonderful family life masks a much darker side. Throw in a once-trusting, increasingly suspicious wife, and the stage is set for twists and turns you’ll never see coming!”

Danielle Harrington has the life many women envy: She’s beautiful, rich, has two wonderful children, and is married to the Preston Harrington – the handsome, charismatic, retired quarterback who won two Super Bowls.
Unfortunately, something is very wrong with Preston. Having suffered more than his fair share of injuries and concussions, he becomes quiet, withdrawn, and distant. As Preston spends more time away from his family, Danielle begins to suspect an affair without realizing her husband is involved in something much, much worse…
Following a series of tragic incidents and the return of an old nemesis from the past, things begin to spiral out of control for Danielle as Preston’s dark side puts her and their children in terrible danger.

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Red Line

Insurmountable loss, revenge, and a heart-pounding race against time.

Another noir thriller from the bestselling author of The Gentleman’s Choice & Goodbye Stranger “If Lee Childs’ Jack Reacher or Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt tackled a terrorist scheme that utilized subliminal messaging to sow global social and economic chaos, it would look a lot like Red Line.” Baltimore Police Detective Mitch Wilson wants a nice day out with his wife and son. Instead, they are all caught up in a catastrophic terrorist attack that has repercussions across the USA and triggers events that could alter the course of civilization. Having lost everything, Mitch sets out to seek justice and revenge and stumbles upon a global conspiracy. On the other side of the world, renowned linguistic professor, Yasaman Karami, flees her native Iran for the freedom of the west; she holds one of the keys to defeating the terrorist organization. Yasaman and Mitch’s worlds collide as, alongside federal agents and allies, they race against the clock to hunt down the terrorist masterminds and prevent worldwide catastrophe.

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A heart-stopping dystopian noir thriller from the bestselling author of The Gentleman’s Choice and Goodbye Stranger.

The Slow Plague, a gender-targeting infection with no cure, killed billions of women and girls worldwide and created a dystopian society in which the survivors are treated as highly valuable commodities.

Although their market value is high, women’s rights decline as they become objects of avarice, awe, and worship – possessions to be owned or won in high-stakes games.

Kutri Chandigarh, a rare beauty, is shipped from her native India to Los Angeles, a shattered metropolis barricaded behind a radiation-proof wall. Within the city stronghold, a bleak, broken, male-led society is mesmerized by stupefying programs pumped out by Little Angel Studios: an endless parade of reality TV shows.

The studio’s #1 hit is Good Breeding: a bevy of ethnically “pure” young women compete to marry a chosen suitor and produce a “perfect” family under the scrutiny of the public eye.

Kutri has dreamed of winning the competition since early childhood. But, when she arrives in LA and meets Jakob Freeman, her assigned matchmaker, the fantasy quickly turns sour and twists into a horrific nightmare extending far beyond Kutri and the man she chooses for herself.

As Kutri tries to escape the fate she once coveted, Jakob is swept up in events that threaten his body and soul and spark memories of a past he has so desperately tried to forget.

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Turn the pages, sneak a peak, you have the entire first chapter!

Hellbound Books are proud to announce the publication of 5 standalone novels, all of them written by the superbly talented Blake Rudman, ladies and gentlemen.

They are noir.

They are thrillers.

They are breakout works of a master storyteller.

Here’s a look at our line-up:

  • The Gentleman’s Choice
  • Dark Beauty
  • Goodbye Stranger
  • Red Line (Out July 2023)
  • Kutri (Out August, 2023)

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